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The Blizzard via Social Media, Groundhogs, and Investing

A view of the street from our front porch this morning.

Buried in Snow

I think this is the first blizzard we’ve had where almost all of our information came via social media. It’s obviously different than when I was a kid and we would wake up early and listen for school closings on the radio.

These days, we get a tweet about school closings, our local news channel is running a live blizzard blog, you can request plows via text, and you can follow all the blizzard chat on facebook!

There is one thing that hasn’t changed though… the kids’ excitement for a snow day! They can’t wait to get outside and play! And I have to admit, I’m excited too!

Did you get a snow day today?

Carbon Monoxide Warning

If you’re buried in snow drifts today, like much of the country, there’s one very important thing you need to do right away:

Go outside and clear the vents around your house. Our local fire departments are getting numerous calls about carbon monoxide poisoning from furnace exhausts that are blocked by snow drifts.

Groundhogs Day

Wait, isn’t it groundhogs day today? All the hype about the blizzard and the groundhog really got slighted today!

At least there are lots of great personal finance articles to read while you’re stuck inside today!



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