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Squeezing in One Last Summer Vacation

We had just returned from our last vacation… but I have a confession to make… while we were there, I convinced Scott that we should squeeze in just one more summer vacation before Labor Day weekend rolls around and our oldest heads back to preschool.

We had a fantastic time in Seattle, and I was pleased that the American Express SkyMiles [1] card worked well to save on baggage fees [2].

So here I am on vacation again! I drove down with the boys earlier this week and Scott is flying down with our daughter today to join us for the long weekend.

It was the first long drive that I’ve done by myself with the kids, but we set up BuddyWay [3] GPS tracking so Scott could keep an eye on us during our trip. It was pretty slick!

Of course, before we came down, I looked to see if the vacation home [4] we were considering earlier this summer was still available… and the price was reduced by $10,000!

That makes it really tempting… however, since vacation season is wrapping up, I’m going to keep an eye on it and see if the price drops more over the winter and see how bad the seller need to unload it. Maybe we’ll be able to scoop it up for really cheap in March!


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