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Savings on Tree Trimmings and Holiday Decorations

Use a theme! Each person in our family has a designated holiday theme. Angels, snowmen, etc. This keeps the shopper in me in line, even when there are discounted decorations after the holidays. It used to be easy to get carried away, but now I have a rule that we can purchase one item in each theme. Each child gets a new ornament, and I don’t spend a fortune.

Using themes also makes decorating easy each year. Group items of the same theme together in the same room or area. Because the decorations are coordinated, you can get away with less, and it still looks great.

Other fun tips for holiday decorations:

  • Have an ornament exchange instead of exchanging presents. It’s cheaper, more fun, and is a reminder of the person the ornament came from each year.
  • Make decorations and ornaments using food: candy canes, strings of popcorn, etc.
  • Use handmade ornaments. Kids love to make ornaments, especially with pictures in them.
  • Build a gingerbread house! I’ve been wanting to do this for years.