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Roundup: Vacation, Carnival, and a Challenge

Gather Little By Little had the best Christmas ever [1]. We’re also having a great time. We had four family Christmas gatherings and are now spending two weeks down South relaxing. We don’t have anything specific planned which is a great feeling after all the holiday stress. 

My Two Dollars didn’t get a Wii [2] for Christmas. We didn’t either, but there is one here and the bowling game is a hit! If you didn’t get a Wii there is always next Christmas; start your planning now [3] says The Simple Dollar.

Credit Card Challenge

I’ve challenged Ana at Debt Free Revolution [4] to a credit card debate. This should be great since Ana doesn’t like credit cards and well…. we all know I love credit cards! She just finished battling with her father-in-law [5] about debt, so now it’s my turn! Game day is January 4.

And just in time Five Cent Nickel shared with us that you can now use a credit card to post bail [6]. I’ll have to save that as a good point to challenge Ana with!


Since it was a holiday week, many of the carnivals took the week off. However, there was a holiday edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance [7] at The Digerati Life. It included our Credit Limits Over $1,000,000 [8] article. I enjoyed The Honest Dollar’s vacation savings article.

I also liked Single Guy Money’s article where he reached his 2007 net worth goal [9]. I am a big fan of goal setting and track our net worth monthly. I’ll be reporting on our 2007 net worth change on January 2 since I committed to Moolanomy and others that I would participate in a group report that day.

Other articles I liked this week: 

Back to vacationing…