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My Wishlist by American Express 2007

It’s that time of year again… shopping, parties, presents, traveling, etc. One of my favorite promotions is My Wishlist [1] by American Express. We have participated the last two years. It’s basically a sweepstakes, with a car as the top prize, but a really fun one! And the easy prizes, are what I’m always going for: 25% savings at Toys R Us and Amazon.

What It Is

They gather some of the prizes based on what people “wish for” or recommend. They then offer the “wishes” at a discount price to the winner. You have to have an American Express card and make the purchase on that card. Each day they sell different prizes. This year the promotion runs from November 27- December 13.

Why I Play

They also offer “wish certificates” which are basically coupons to various stores. The certificates are free. Different wish certificates are offered three times per day. These are somewhat plentiful, as we haven’t had many problems getting the ones we want. Keep hitting the button until you get one. Our favorite wish certificates are the 25% off at Toys R Us and the 25% off at Amazon.com. Hopefully they’ll have these again.

Action Plan

Our past purchases and plans for this year should we win is to purchase $600 worth of diapers. Often Amazon has their diaper sale or promotion at the same time which makes the deal even better. With two in diapers, buying them at 25% off is a real boost! We also use the Toys R Us one for holiday shopping. I’ve had no problem combining it with other coupons there for even more savings.


I just got a note from my husband that the Amazon and Toys R Us Wish Certificates won’t be included this year! That’s really disappointing… I’ll have to find cheap diapers elsewhere. Fatwallet [2] is putting together a list of wish certificates. Looks like we’ll have to settle for the Home Depot.