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My Six Word Memoir, The Ridiculously Small Car, and the Housing Market

Credit Addict [1] asked me to share my thoughts in six words. Wow, six words?

Kids & Family. Life & Happiness. Goals & Money.

In that order (and no, the & signs don’t count!) While I write about money like it’s the answer, it’s not my top priority. Here’s who I’m calling on next to share their six word memoir:

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Don’t forget, if you haven’t entered the $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway [7] you still have until Thursday night to enter. Now, onto my favorite personal finance picks this week…

Housing Market

Common Costly Blunders When Selling Your Home [8]
One of the tips that I noticed: “Remember that what you NEED from your home may not be what you’ll GET from your home in today’s real estate market.”

The Pros and Cons of Going Into Foreclosure [9]
Wow. I guess I didn’t realize there were pros of foreclosure! Although I can see how some of the choices are better than the alternatives.

More Personal Finance Favorites

Have you seen the tiny, tiny little car buzzing around town? It’s a Smart ForTwo and it actually passed the insurance crash test [10]!

How I Invested My Roth IRA This Year [11]
Remember back when I told you that you could invest Lazy Man’s Roth IRA money? See where the money ended up.

Get $206 in Free Groceries! [12]
My local grocery store is doing the 10% bonus for gift cards. The problem is that you have to spend the entire economic stimulus check there. For us that is $1800 +$180, or almost $2,000 in groceries. It would take us over 8 months to buy that many groceries! Since we get 5% back on all our groceries with a cash rewards credit card [13] we’re going to pass. I think it’s a great deal for people who are getting smaller checks though.

Time Management And Money Management [14]
NCN finds that “one of the root causes of poor money management is poor time management.” I love reading about time management because I never feel like I have enough time in the day for everything I want to do.

By the Numbers

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