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My Dollar Plan goes into Witness Protection Program

No, I didn’t witness a horrific crime… but I did get some feedback from other bloggers about using pen names. My long time readers (those who have been with me all week – thank you!) will notice that my name changed.

As of today, I have officially assumed a new name: Madison [1]. I examined in Millionaires in the Making: Pros and Cons [2] how much one publicly discloses about their finances. Turns out, many people are revealing, but using pen names. As a personal finance writer using many of my own experiences, I thought it was in the best interest of my family if I followed suit.

The first name was easy, but here’s where I’m stumped, the last name. I want to keep my initials MDP. So far I’ve come up with:

  1. Madison DuPaix
  2. Madison DuPree
  3. Madison D. Porter

What do you think? What connotations do these names give you? And who would you most like to learn about finances with each day?

Tell me what you think! Contact me [3] or leave a comment below. Feel free to give me other ideas too! And check back to see who I become!

Next week I’ll also look at some of the other things I’ve learned in my first two weeks, including mistakes I have made.