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Finance Tips: Moving Back Home With Parents After College

Happy Easter! If you have a minute to steal away from your holiday festivities, check out these great finance reads [1]!

Source: Barking Cats [2]

Finance Reads

Moving Back Home With Parents After College – How to Make It Work [3] – A super relevant article and a great read for both parents and kids. -Money Crashers

Getting Maternity Care Coverage While Self-Employed [4] – If you are self-employed and expecting, this should have some useful information for you. -CashMoneyLife

How To Save Money FAST [5] – Even though this might seem simple, I thought it was a really good list for people who need cash in a hurry. -Stupid Cents

Rule of Thumb: When To Pay Off The Mortgage Early [6] – MMB tends to do an analysis of whether or not to pre-pay the mortgage every few months and always does a thorough analysis. -My Money Blog

4 Things You Can Learn from Your Mortgage Statement [7] – Speaking of paying off the mortgage early, if that’s one of your goals, you should definitely take a closer look at your statements. -MoneySmartLife

John Hancock Thinks I’m on the Path to Retirement [8] – Interesting thoughts on if a work plan’s analysis of whether or not you’re ready for retirement makes sense. -FreeMoneyFinance

The Smart Way to Inherit an IRA [9] – If you think you may be in line to inherit retirement assets, make sure you do it in the smartest way possible. -MoneyNing

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which One is Right for You? [10] – A great read for anyone trying to understand the difference between these two investments. -GenerationXFinance

5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self About Money [11] – They say, “Hindsight is 20/20,” right?! -Three Thrifty Guys

Carnival of Personal Finance [12] – Kristen wrote about 11 Hidden Hotel Fees and How to Avoid Them [13] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.