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June 30 Deadline for Home Buyers and 529 Bonus

The deadline for one of my favorite deals is just around the corner. The College Advantage $25+ Sign Up Bonus [1] ends on June 30. Be sure to read through the comments to see how to score hundreds of dollars from this deal!

June 30 is also the current deadline for the tax credit for existing home owners [2] and the tax credit for first time home buyers [3]. Home buyers must close on their new home by next Wednesday.

Update: The Home Buyer Tax Credit is Extended [4] until September 30, 2010.

The home buyer tax credit was popular, for those who don’t believe in The Dead End of Home Ownership [5].

Unfortunately, prisoners also fraudulently took advantage of the tax credit, to the tune of $9 million in new homes. The IRS says they will try to get the money back.



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