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Roundup: Index Funds, Tax Deductions, Identity Theft and More!

My car is for sale! The 100+ inches of snow finally melted and we listed my car today. I’ll be sad when it actually sells, but I know that we’ll be much happier with a car that our family actually fits comfortably in.

And now, the best of the personal finance articles this week:


As we wind down to tax filing day you may be looking for additional deductions. Check out Overlooked Tax Deductions, A Photo Essay [1] for ideas! If you are running into problems filing, there are some Signs You May be a Victim of Tax-Related Fraud [2].

Identity Theft


One of the biggest April Fools’ Day jokes I enjoyed this year was John Bogle Punks World, Admits Index Funds Aren’t Real [5]. I can’t even begin to image what investing would look like without index funds.

Very timely is the announcement by Vanguard to Launch Global Stock Index Fund [6]. This could make total market investing [7] completely hands off! Until then International Investing Teaches Us a Portfolio Diversification Lesson [8].

In another world of investing there are: Hedge Funds – Are We Missing Out? [9] I’ve never ventured into hedge funds… and I don’t know if I ever will, but it is great to learn about it.

Credit Cards

Are We in a Recession?

If we are indeed in a recession, see Why a Recession Doesn’t Have To Hurt [12]. To handle your finances check out 100 Ways to Cope With Inflation and When Times are Tight: 168 Frugal Tips to Make Your Dollar Stretch [13]

More articles I enjoyed this week: