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How to Claim Your Home Buyer Tax Credit

Whether you are claiming the tax credit for existing homeowners [1] or the tax credit for first time home buyers [2], it’s time to get your money!

How to Claim your Home Buyer Tax Credit

The IRS released the updated Form 5405 to claim your tax credit. Complete and attach Form 5405 [3] to your 2009 tax return.

Required Documentation

For your 2009 tax return, you’ll need to include the required documentation:

  • Attach a copy of your settlement statement.
  • A copy of your retail sales contract for mobile homes.
  • A copy of your certificate of occupancy for a newly constructed home.

In addition, for existing home owners, attach a 1098 form [4], Mortgage Interest Statement, property tax records, or homeowner’s insurance records for 5 consecutive years on your previous home.