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How Do You Like Your Coffee?

I just started drinking coffee. In my 30s. Out of the blue.

Ironically, I made it through college without developing a coffee habit, which is when it seems that most people pick up the habit if they haven’t already. And I made it through years in the corporate world where almost everyone made frequent runs to the break room for coffee. And I avoided it when Scott would make some at our house on the weekends.

But as of last month, I’m officially in the coffee drinker club! After holding out for so many years, I feel kind of like I’m just now entering some kind of exclusive social club.

Coffee and Money

I get accused of sucking the fun out of things, by analyzing all the price points on everything, and finding the cheapest way to do something. However, if I’m going to start a coffee habit, you better believe that I’m going to go in with all the financial research!

After all, it seems the number one personal finance tip is always to “eliminate your daily coffee run” as repeated in the Downsized TV Show [1] discussion to save on money, so I’m going to start off knowing the financial commitment!

How to Save Money on Coffee

With any new habit, you have to take a look at the overall cost and the best way to approach it from a financial standpoint.

Look at price per pound. I’ve been working on a price log for coffee grounds. I can pick up Starbucks coffee at the grocery store with a double coupon for $7.32 per pound. However, if I get the Dunkin Donuts coffee at Costco [2], it’s $6.63 per pound. Obviously, there’s some room for improvement here.

Turn in a used bag. Once you’re done with the Starbucks coffee bag, you can turn it in for a free cup of coffee. I’m going to have to add that into my calculation as it will bring down the price per pound.

Rewards Programs. Amanda mentioned that there are rewards programs [3] for both Starbucks [4] and Dunkin Donuts [5]. I’m following the step by step Starbucks reward program details to get started.

Selecting a brand. At this point, I’ve only had Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts at home, since that is what Scott drinks. But I’m open to trying other types of coffee, as I see there are many cheaper brands, but I do need some suggestions!

Starbucks Coffee Deal

Starbucks Natural Fusions [6] 2-pack 11 oz packages are on sale at Amazon. You can use the coupon code FUSIONC5 to get $5 off through the end of the year. It will bring the coffee price down to $5.82 per pound.

These would make great stocking stuffers. Shhhh, don’t tell Scott, but we already got a shipment of these for our stockings!

And of course, coffee is listed as one of the great Christmas gifts for coworkers [7].

What Kind of Coffee Do You Drink?

After researching the price of coffee, I proudly started my new habit. I’ve mastered making the coffee at home each morning with milk and sweetener.

And my neighbor and I have been heading to Starbucks each Saturday morning before the kids get up to get a cup of coffee…. but all the choices are really mind boggling! Espresso, latte, cappuccino. Double this and grande that… I feel like I’m in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language!

So here I am, playing catchup in the world of coffee. That’s where you come in! Tell me how you like your coffee! As a coffee drinker newbie, I’d love to hear your suggestions on coffee brands, what you put in your coffee and everything in between!

What type of coffee should I buy? How do you like your coffee?