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Going to Court, Debt, and Investing

My court date is today. If you follow me on Twitter [1], you’ll remember about a month ago when I got pulled over for speeding and got a ticket.

Both kids were in the back seat and had all kinds of questions for me after I got the ticket. Being accountable to a 1 and 3 year-old is obviously permanent, since my older son now routinely gives me tickets when we’re outside playing. In addition, he reminds me to slow down almost every time we get on the highway!

I was actually driving the same road that I commuted to work on for multiple years. I’ve always driven 55 miles per hour, since it was a country highway. The day I got pulled over, the cop informed me that it was 40. What? So I probably deserved the ticket since I unknowingly was speeding on that road for years.

Not having been pulled over since I was a teenager, I wasn’t sure what the standard was. A fellow Twitterer, @MyLifeROI, author of My Life ROI [2], suggested that I go to court. He’s had three tickets, but all were thrown out. Twice the cop didn’t show up, and once was due to the cop’s radar.

I’m still on the fence about going. It’s on the other side of town, and will probably take up a good portion of my evening. If I do go, I’ll be completely honest, as I was when I was pulled over. I don’t have an excuse. If they reduce or throw out the ticket, great. If not, I’ll pay it… and wait for my increased premium to show up on our insurance.

The worst part about the whole thing? My husband had a speeding ticket last year, and I constantly reminded him of the effect on our insurance rates… talk about karma….

Have you gone to court for a speeding ticket lately?



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