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Getting Ready for Vacation Home Shopping

Vacation time is here! We’re busy getting packed to head out for vacation. Readers were on both sides of the fence when I asked Should We Buy a Vacation Home? [1]

Since then, I’ve been busy doing a ton of research on buying vacation homes: past sales, rental statistics, talking to current owners, break even points, etc. It wouldn’t be like me to jump into something without a complete over analysis right?

While we’re on vacation, we have an appointment to look at some of the lake condos that we liked last year. Want to know the best part? When I made the appointment, they gave us a discounted rate (about 1/3 of the normal price) to stay there. Turns out, checking out the properties is a frugal way to travel!

Helpful Resources for Vacation Home Rentals

While I was researching, I found a fantastic forum on the Vacation Rental Yahoo Group [2]. It’s a pretty knowledgeable group if you’ve ever considered buying a vacation rental.

In addition, my reading for the trip is the book How to Rent Vacation Properties by Owner [3].

I’ll keep you posted on what we decide to do. For now, it’s back to packing!


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