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Finance Tips: Debt Free ROI, Big Money Problems, and More

This week we have a great roundup of finance tips [1] on everything from frugal living to retirement!

source: Kristen Wall Designs [2]

Finance Reads

Your Debt Free ROI: Why Interest Rates Don’t Matter [3] – It’s always a good reminder to think about the psychological benefits of debt payoff since the numbers don’t always point to a payoff. -Budgets Are Sexy

The 7 Biggest Money Problems Most People Have [4] – An awesome list of things to keep an eye on as you build your financial future. – GenXFinance

Climb the Walls with (Inexpensive) Fun [5] – A great reminder that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to entertain your kids! -The Sun’s Financial Diary

How Do You Know You’re Ready To Buy A Home? [6] – Some excellent questions you should ask before you decide whether you’re ready to buy a place. -Money Under 30

5 Ways to Green Your Home and Save Money [7] – A good primer for anyone looking to go green. -Moolanomy

Try Volunteering & Get Hired For The Job You Want [8] – I really enjoyed reading this creative job hunt tactic. -The Digerati Life

You’ll Need 11 Times Your Salary for Retirement [9] – An interesting look at retirement calculations. -FreeMoneyFinance

5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Retirement Goals [10] – These are basic tips on a healthy start to retirement but they are always good to keep in mind. -Canadian Finance Blog

9 Ways to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage and Drive Efficiently [11] – An essential read for anyone with a decent driving commute. -Money Crashers

Carnival of Personal Finance [12] – Amanda’s The Aftermath of Debt Payoff [13] was an Editor’s Pick in the Carnival of Personal Finance!