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How I Earned $1,000 From Big Crumbs Cashback

We’re finishing up our holiday cash back [1] series today with the cashback site Big Crumbs. Hopefully you’ve earned lots of cashback on all of your holiday shopping this season!

Big Crumbs is a cashback program that I’ve used for a long time. I just checked my account and saw that I have $1,179.79 in lifetime earnings. It isn’t as much as I’ve earned from some of the other cashback programs (like the $5000 I earned from Mr. Rebates [2]), but an extra thousand dollars is quite a bit! Here is how I earned $1000 from Big Crumbs:

How to Earn Your Cash Back

  1. Sign up for a BigCrumbs [3] account.
  2. Shop for products using Big Crumbs Shopping and earn a percentage of your purchases back in cash.
  3. Redeem your cash through PayPal.

New CrumbShares

Big Crumbs is rolling out their new CrumbShares program. In addition to cashback, they are offering Crumbshares, which will turn into additional cash if they are acquired by another company. They state they aren’t for sale, however, after watching Ebates [4] get acquired maybe they’ve decided it is a possibility. Since the CrumbShares program started, I have earned 481.85 Crumbshares… will it pay off? Who knows.

Here’s more from Kate on BigCrumbs if you aren’t familiar with the program:

BigCrumbs [3] is a free program to let you earn cash back for online shopping at almost 1,500 retailers. Some of my favorite retailers that they give cash back are Target, Buy.com, and Old Navy.

When to Use Big Crumbs

I love cash back rewards, but I’m not loyal to just one program. Just before making an online purchase I check which program has the highest cash back using ev’reward [5].

Big Crumbs Payments

BigCrumbs [3] pays out through PayPal and has only a $1 minimum payment.

Big Crumbs Referrals

As with many cash back programs, once you sign up you can refer other members. Big Crumbs referrals will earn you cash every time they shop, instead of a one time referral like many of the other cash back programs.

Your Account Manager will show everything you need to keep track of your referrals:

All BigCrumbs member have access to an Account Manager which includes the following information:

  • How many of your referrals signed up, how many people they referred, and so on
  • How much your own shopping has generated in cash back for you
  • How much you’ve earned from the shopping of your referrals
  • A monthly statement summarizing this information for the previous month
  • Your payment history