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Finance Tips: Do Your Kids Know About Your Finances?

I hope everyone is getting in some time by the pool because it is really HOT out there! But if you prefer being inside in the A/C, make sure you take a look at some of this week’s great finance articles [1] on investing, debt and more!

source: Chad Jones [2]

Finance Reads

How Much Do Your Kids Know About Your Finances? [3] – This is a great question so I’m interested to see the comments on this post. -FreeMoneyFinance

Reader Mail: ETFs vs No Load Mutual Funds and Starting a Financial Journey [4] – Some good advice on investing and steps to take before you get to that point. -Million Dollar Journey

The Young and the Carless [5] – A really great article on how a lot of younger people are giving up on cars as a “must-have” means of transportation. -Crain’s Chicago Business

Cut Your Costs on a Disneyland Vacation [6] – I don’t have a trip to Disney coming up but if I did, I’d be paying close attention to this post – lots of savings to be had! Plus, we recently talked about this Disney card [7] for more savings. -The Sun’s Financial Diary

What Can Olympic Athletes Expect to Make for Their Wins – Interview With an Olympic Coach [8] – I have been wondering this the whole time I’ve been watching the Olympics! – Three Thrifty Guys

The Only Real Sources of Passive Income [9] – Some of this is a bit tongue in cheek but a good read nonetheless. -Brip Blap

August Back-to-School Sales Tax Holidays [10] – Very bummed my state is not on this list! -GenXFinance

Unsustainable [11] – If you’re constantly comparing yourself to the Joneses, this is a good reminder that things aren’t always what they seem. – The Simple Dollar

Carnival of Personal Finance [12] – Madison’s 12 Ways the Olympics Teach You About Money Management [13] was an Editor’s Pick in the Carnival of Personal Finance!