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Digging Out of Dirt and Debt

Digging In Our Front Lawn

As you can see from the picture above, digging up the water pipes at our house [1] continues to be the main event this week at the DuPaix house. They found the break in the pipe under the foundation. Water was just pouring out.

The good news is that we had a wonderful builder who graded properly and kept all the water away from our basement. Various contractors commented yesterday that they couldn’t believe our house wasn’t flooded.

The bad news is that they had to rip up almost our whole front lawn, sidewalks, and landscaping. In addition, we lost the front stoop. They’ll be back today to pour new concrete.

We’re still uncertain about the cause of the break and who is at fault, if anyone. We have the pipe, and we’ll be researching what our options are. I’ll keep you posted as it unfolds. We’re also a little nervous about the size of the bill…. Always Get an Estimate Before Having Work Done [2].

To take my mind off the near disaster, I’m busy playing in the The PF Challenge Tournament On Facebook.

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