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Finance Tips: Digging into LED Light Bulb Savings

Happy Holidays! We hope everyone’s last-minute shopping and celebration planning is going well. If you’re looking for a minute to relax in the midst of your hectic schedule, enjoy some of these great finance reads [1] from around the internet!


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Finance Reads

Digging into LED Light Bulb Savings [5] – I love reading a good, in-depth analysis on saving/frugality. -Lazy Man and Money

Asset Allocation Revisited: How Much International Stock Exposure For Your Portfolio? [6] – Diversifying your portfolio internationally is so important so this was a great reminder!  -MyMoneyBlog

Why a Good Credit Score Matters When You’re Not Borrowing [7] – There were some great points in here that I never thought of about why having a good credit score is important all the time. -MoneySmartLife

How to Save Enough to Quit Your Job (and Follow Your Dream) [8] – Some great tips on how to get yourself to the point where you can follow your dreams without money holding you back. -GoGirl Finance

7 Things to Do When You Get a Raise at Work [9] – If you are due for an end of year raise, you have to read this! -MoneyCrashers

5 Ways to Save Money Over Your Entire Career [10] – When we take a new job and compare salary and benefits, we often forget to look at some of the hidden costs of our jobs that can really add up over time – this has some great tips on how to avoid them from killing your budget. -Three Thrifty Guys

And check out Madison’s 99 Easy Money Saving Tips [11] in the Carnival of Personal Finance [12]!

Happy Holidays!