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Closet, Reader Goal Update

Last week in Taxes, My Closet, and Reader Goal [1] I created the goal of getting 150 readers per day. As incentive, if the average visitor count makes it over 150, I will donate that many items from my closet! How did we do?


The average number of visitors for the week of November 15-21 was 84. At first it may seem disappointing that the original goal wasn’t met. However, I’m satisfied.

Goal setting includes putting in stretch goals. If I knew I could easily make it, it would be a task, not a goal. It was also a holiday week and I didn’t leave as many comments at other sites as I had originally planned.

I think the improvement was great. The average for the week prior was 47.3. That is over a 77% increase. Great news for a brand new blog.

Action Plan

I’ll keep working on it, 150 average visitors is still a goal. I also have added an additional goal, to be included in the Top 100 PF blogs [2]. I might not make it in November, because you must have 2000 visitors per month, but I should be able to make this list in December.

The good news is that I still plan to donate 84 items of clothing, because I did succeed in clearing out my closet! It will be a nice sized donation for charity and a tax deduction for me! I can’t help but think the challenge was a success.