Inexpensive Sports Equipment

Posted by Madison on December 2, 2007

This weekend our local university hosted their annual ski and snowboard sale. It’s a great way to pick up new and used equipment at discounted prices. We will need to purchase skis for our kids soon and I want to make sure that we aren’t spending unnecessary money. As with all things kids, the equipment is quickly outgrown […]

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Energy Savings Tips

Posted by Madison on November 30, 2007

I often end up on subscription lists for various newsletters. One I noticed in my mailbox today was from Little Grad. It’s the Little Insights Newsletter. It had some great tips on energy savings: College Saving Tip: Heating Water Energy Consider installing a drain water waste heat recovery system. A recent DOE (Dept Of Energy) […]

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Discount Postage Stamps

Posted by Madison on November 16, 2007

Right, I know, people don’t snail mail stuff anymore. If you are like my house though, we do send a bunch of holiday cards to friends and family. Postage on those can add up quickly.