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Car Buying Tips

The car frenzy is in full swing at our house. Once I decide to do something, it’s usually pretty hard for me to think of anything else. So it’s no surprise that I’m still busy with the car search!


First I made the commitment to sell my car [1], then I asked readers to tell me what their favorite family car is [2]. I got many responses that people really like their Hondas [3]. We are busy checking out the reviews about all the cars people suggested at Edmunds.com [4].

Buying a New Car

Just in time for our car buying adventure I came across a step-by-step guide for buying a new car. All of our previous car purchases have been new, but we’re going to try to buy used this time. However, many of the tips in this series can be applied to buying a used car too.

Here’s the 3 part series at Gather Little By Little:


I find buying a car at a dealership to be a completely uncomfortable experience and I avoid it at all costs. Luckily when we bought my car the last time, my husband gave me a birthday present: I didn’t have to witness any of the car-buying. This is worth a million dollars in my book!

However, I don’t know if I’ll get so lucky this time, so I might need to brush up on my negotiation skills. Ron suggested the Secrets of Power Negotiating [8] by Roger Dawson. Read his review of the book [9] at The Wisdom Journal.

More Car Buying Tips

Stay tuned for more articles in the car series!

Next up: Saving money at the pump.