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BankAmericard® Better Balance Rewards™ Card $120 Cash Back

The new BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards card offers an incentive if you pay more than your minimum due each month and on time… so we’re hoping this offer from Bank of America will appeal to a lot of MDP readers! You can earn up to $100 cash back per year.

How to Earn Up to $100 in Cash Rewards Per Year

  1. Apply for a BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards MasterCard credit card.
  2. Pay more than the monthly minimum on your bill each month and pay it on time (which we know you’re doing anyway!)
  3. Earn $25 in cash rewards each calendar quarter, up to $100 each year!

Terms and Conditions

  • No annual fee.
  • You must have a payment due in each of the monthly cycles of the calendar quarter to be eligible for the quarterly cash reward; a zero balance or a credit balance does not qualify.
  • If you qualify, the cash reward will be issued within 30 days following the end of each quarter.

More on Bank of America

Getting Your Cash Rewards. Rewards are automatically credited to your card balance or you can choose to deposit them into your savings or checking account.

Extra $20 Bonus Per Year. If you have another qualifying account, you’ll earn an extra $5 bonus per quarter for up to $120 per year!

Automate Your Earnings. You can set up your charges and rewards automatically. See How to Automatically Earn $120 Every Year from the Better Balance Rewards Card [1].

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