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Finance Tips: Back To School Savings

A lot of you are probably getting ready to send your kids back to school in the next few weeks. As everyone is getting into the swing of new habits, why not get inspired to organize your finances, in addition to those school supplies, by reading some of these great personal finance articles [1]?

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Back to School Savings

Finance Reads

My Road to Becoming a Landlord [7] – I love a post that goes into personal specifics about different financial strategies and this is one of them. -FreeMoneyFinance

Graduated From College? Financial Tips For The New Graduate [8] – Share this post with any new grads you know! -The Digerati Life

Lending Club Loan Diversification Strategy [9] – A good read for any investors involved in or thinking about peer-to-peer lending. -The Sun’s Financial Diary

Health Savings Accounts Are Great for Those with Inexpensive Health Needs [10] – If you’re not too familiar with HSA’s, this article is worth a read. -Money Ning

Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing Life Insurance [11] – A must-read for anyone looking to make sure they are properly covered with life insurance. -Brip Blap

How Much of Your Paycheck Should You Save? [12] – This post poses a great question and really gets at the heart of it. -GenXFinance

Carnival of Financial Discipline [13] – Nick answered the question, “Should You Save for College or Retirement First? [14]” in the Carnival of Financial Discipline.