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Finance Tips: Baby Registries, Debt, and More

Summer can mean a lot of social outings but you’ll feel a lot better come fall if you take some time to watch your budget over the next few months. Here are some good finance tips [1] to help inspire you!

source: uscpsc [2]

Weekend Finance Reads

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5 Ways to Save Money If You Hate Negotiating [7] – Negotiating can save you a lot of money but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not a fan, read on for some good tips on how to avoid it while still saving some cash. -MoneySmartLife

Renters’ Insurance: When You Need It and How To Get It [8] – I’m about to move and was wondering if I really need renters’ insurance at my new place so this article was a great read. -Money Under 30

Less-than-Perfect: 5 Ways to Save by Buying Slightly Damaged Goods [9] – I wouldn’t have thought to save by buying a slightly dented washing machine but it makes sense! – FiveCentNickel

Warren Buffett’s Must Read 3 Investment Insights For Women [10] – Some great insight from a Fox Business reporter who has interviewed the Oracle of Omaha. -Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

Carnival of Personal Finance [11] – Amanda talked about 3 Social Buying Experiences Gone Wrong [12] in the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Festival of Frugality [13] – Adrienne shares How to Save Money by Fixing Health Care Errors [14] in the Festival of Frugality.