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Analyzing Our Energy Use

We’ve been focusing on reducing our energy bill lately. For example, my husband has been looking into switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs [1].

In addition, our energy company is very proactive in sending us monthly mailers with tips and tricks to reducing energy consumption. See previous articles Ten Easy Energy Savings Tips [2] and Energy Savings Tips [3] for ideas.

In researching, I found some excellent online data tools provided by our energy company. The first is a comparison based on how efficiently we use natural gas to heat our home (calculated as Heating BTUs per Square Foot per Heating Degree Day).

Based on a 3800 square foot house in our local area, our home heating rating is: 2.4 – Excellent. When adding additional criteria of homes built between 2000 to the present the distribution shifts to the left.

It appears that we are doing pretty well compared to all the other houses of similar size and houses that were built during the same time frame as ours.

The online site also lets us analyze our gas and electricity use comparing each year.

Gas Energy Use


Electric Energy Use

Action Plan

Log onto your electric company’s website and see what kind of account analysis tools they provide. It was enlightening to find out that we really have done a great job, not only with building a green-built house, but also in conserving energy.


This article is featured in: Festival of Frugality #119 [4].