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11 Fun & Frugal Summertime Activities

Summertime is great – the weather, the food, and more. Spending time with family and friends is also a priority.

There’s lots to do, but all the fun can quickly eat through a bunch of money if you aren’t careful. But summertime doesn’t have to cost so much!

Take advantage of free attractions in your area. In addition, if you look, you can find lots of activities that don’t cost much.

Here are some fun and frugal ideas to get you started:

Frugal Summer Activities

  1. Zoo. On Friday I took the kids to the zoo. We packed a lunch, so the total for a terrific outing… zero!
  2. Strawberry Picking. Yesterday we went to a strawberry patch and picked our own berries. It was a fun, cheap event and we enjoyed fruit salad in seconds [1] for dinner.
  3. Farmer’s Market. Shop the best produce each week. You’ll feel great and save money as well.
  4. Special Events. Check the events section of your local paper for activities like ice cream socials, festivals, and chamber of commerce events.
  5. Fireworks. With the Fourth of July just around the corner, there is sure to be a free fireworks event nearby.
  6. Snow cones. Enjoy an old-fashioned summer [2] and relax.
  7. Run/Walk. Pick a charity you like and sign up for a run/walk with friends and family. You’ll get your exercise in preparing for the event and feel proud when you finish.
  8. Botanical Gardens. We have a terrific arboretum and botanical gardens in our city. I’m hoping that you have something just as great to visit.
  9. Paint Your Own Pottery. Want to explore your creative side? Sign up for a beginner art event to paint pottery or make stained glass. Give your final project to a loved one as a gift and your money will stretch even further.
  10. Plant Tours. If your local area is famous for a certain product, have you toured the plant? It’s a fun way to see how things are made… and you usually get a free sample at the end.
  11. Water Yoga. Enjoy the weather and relax in the pool [3].

What other frugal activities do you enjoy in the summer? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.