I love July! We almost always take a lot of vacation in July and this year is no exception! I’m off for 2+ weeks beginning Friday! We’ll be heading out of town next week and without internet access for part of the time. My personal focus for July: relaxation! What’s your Personal Focus for July?

In addition, if you are interested in writing a guest post while I’m on vacation, please contact me.


Doing A Home Improvement Project? Know Your Return On Investment
Thinking of adding onto your house? Determine if your project will add value or not! How will you finance an improvement to your home? That’s precisely what Gather Little By Little needs some advice on.

How to be a location independent family, part 1
Want to get rid of your house and travel? Brip Blap begins a series on how to change your lifestyle to do so. See how it would work for his family or yours.


How To Save Your Health and Wealth at the Same Time
I’m a big fan of generic brands, although my husband claims they taste different. Check out the other great tips for saving money the healthy way.

I’m Saving Up To Pay Cash To Buy A Car
Jeff isn’t falling for any new car gimmicks. He’ll buy used and pay with cash. Find out how they are socking away their savings until they have enough.


Quit Your Job Or Keep Your Job – How to Decide When a New Job’s Right for You
I love spreadsheets! Use this scoring model to turn a tough decision into an easy analysis.

IRS Mileage Rate Increase for the Remainder of 2008
If you deduct gas mileage for your business, take note of the increased rate for the rest of the year.

Staying on Budget

Budget Fourth of July Activities
Planning a big bash for the Fourth of July? Here are some tips to enjoy the day without spending a fortune.

Winning the Daily Cash Flow Battle
Frugal Dad has a tough time sticking to a budget all month, see how he breaks it down by day to make it more manageable.


TradeKing Review: A Discount Broker with Loads of Features
Sun does an in depth review of TradeKing, which offers a $4.95 commission for stock trades.

A Reminder to Keep Your Beneficiaries Up-to-Date
See what can happen if you forget to update your beneficiaries. Two real life examples that could happen to you if you aren’t careful.

Ask the Readers: What does Retirement Mean to You?
Frugal Trader is asking readers to chime in on their retirement dreams. Read through the comments and see what others are planning.

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Comments to Vacation, Housing Projects, Saving up to Buy a Car, and More!

  1. I hope to get in a little vacation, too. Unfortunately, June is our busiest month at work and July is usually spent recovering, and kids are back in school in early August. Is it just me, or have summers grown shorter over the years?

    Frugal Dad

  2. @ Frugal Dad: Luckily we have a law here that prevents school from starting before Sept. 1. We all get to enjoy summer all the way through August!

    That’s the beauty of living in a state that brings in so many tourism dollars!


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