Money Hacks Carnival #3: What is a Hack?

Posted by Madison on March 12, 2008

What is a hack? That’s exactly what I wanted to know when the money hackers network was launched! I did some research at Wikipedia and found many definitions. Check them out while you enjoy 34 great articles in the third edition of the Money Hacks Carnival.


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A slang term for a caboose.

Editor’s Picks

Cindy tells her daughter there are No More Excuses! 50 Free or Low Cost Budget Tools posted at Oh My Aching Debts. This is an incredible list including many options: online, Excel, paper, and downloads. I’m a proud user of at least one of these!

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Do You Really Know How Much It Costs To Own Your Car? posted at The Digerati Life. This is perfect timing since we are busy shopping for our new car. It’s often easy to forget about maintenance, insurance and opportunity cost when looking at the sticker price.

mmhabits presents The Money Spectrum posted at Millionaire Money Habits. The spectrum is a great visual to determine where you fall and where you want to be.

Aryn presents Manage Car Expenses with a Goodyear Card posted at Sound Money Matters. Credit cards sometimes get a bad wrap. Check out how to use one to your advantage to get discounts oil changes.

RC presents Vending Machine Economics: The Convenience Factor posted at Think Your Way to Wealth. Find out the real cost of using the vending machine and see if it makes sense.

Ted presents Where to Buy, Sell and Trade Textbooks posted at CampusGrotto. One thing I remember from college was the steep price of textbooks. Ted lists some great resources to get them cheaper and recoup some costs when you are finished with the books.


Photography: edit felix

A piece of equipment used for traction in the sport of curling.

Debt & Credit

William presents Are You Balancing Your Bank Statements Every Month? posted at Becoming Debt Free.

Peter presents My 5 Biggest Money Mistakes posted at Bible Money Matters.

Lisa presents Getting a Break on Your Student Loans posted at Greener Pastures.

Pinyo presents Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 6: Pay Off Home Early posted at Moolanomy.

Raymond presents Zero Percent Balance Transfer Credit Cards With No Fees posted at Money Blue Book, saying, “I’m currently earning interest free income from my balance transfer credit loan during my time off from work.”

Rio presents Create a financial plan posted at Get Financially Fit!

Mike presents Is Prepaying Your Mortgage a Mistake? posted at Richer by the Day.


Photography: Salvatore88

Slang in New York for a taxi.

Income & Investing

Rick presents Income Allocation 101: How Much Should I Save? posted at Increase Revenue, Decrease Cost.

Living Off Dividends presents Monthly Passive Income Crosses $2,000 Mark!

Mark presents We Saved Like Bandits, and Invested in Businesses posted at The Butler Project featuring an interview with a multi-millionaire.

Foxie presents The Downfall of Knowledge posted at Dreaming of Ferraris.

Chris presents Two Recession-Proof Investment Picks for 2008 posted at Martial Development.

Aussie Investor presents Dividend Yield Investing For Beginners posted at Stock Market Investing For Beginners.

KCLau presents Top 39 Essential Rules of Investing posted at KCLau’s Money Tips.

A clever or quick fix to a computer program problem; in a similar vein, a “hack” may refer to works outside of computer programming. For example, a math hack means a clever solution to a mathematical problem.

Tax, Savings, and More

Free From Broke presents Tax Documents You May Need.

PT presents 3 Ways To File Your Taxes For FREE posted at Prime Time Money.

Terry Dean presents 8 Steps to Create Your Internet Business posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Paid Twice presents How I Almost Got Suckered Into Selecting A Prize posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…

T Struck presents Avoid Identity Theft – Don’t Go Phishing posted at Daily Money Tips.

The Investor presents Who’s your Star Wars money hero? posted at

Christina presents A really stupid idea posted at Northern Cheapskate, saying, “A look at the subprime mortgage mess”

GBlogger presents 5.01% Interest On A Checking Account? posted at Can I Get Rich on a Salary.

Hill Robertson presents Are You Working for the Weekend?

Marc and Angel presents 11 Practical Ways to Spend Your Money.

R.O. presents How to stack your first million posted at Japan Man.

FIRE Getters presents Save Gas – Tips To Save Money On Gas! posted at FIRE Finance.

A Money Hack? A clever solution to a financial problem.

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Comments to Money Hacks Carnival #3: What is a Hack?

  1. Good carny – I have to admit I’ve never heard the term “hack” before finding the blogosphere.


    Four Pillars

  2. A caboose? Who knew? Thanks for the inclusion–and great post.


  3. Excellent carnival with great participation. I love the theme! Thank you for your help.


  4. Hack is slang for a taxi in NYC? I think I can say that I’ve never heard the term used like that. Hmm.

    Anyway, thanks for the carnival!


  5. Great idea for a theme. Great list of articles. Thanks for the hard work.


  6. I am very grateful for getting your nod as one of the posts you’ve included here! 🙂 Great carnival and great list!

    The Digerati Life

  7. great idea for a theme, and great job putting it together!


  8. Thanks for selecting my article as one of your picks! I had no idea that hack meant caboose so I learned something new too. Great Carnival and theme!


  9. Thanks for the mention, cool theme and great pix!

    FIRE Finance

  10. Great set of articles!


  11. Thanks for the pick! Nice work on the carnival. The title made me laugh out loud.

    Millionaire Money Habits

  12. Thank you for the inclusion! 🙂

    Money Blue Book

  13. It’s funny, this is going to show my nerdiness, but the hack in curling is where you put your foot to push off from the ice… Yes, I curl. 🙂 oh boy! Good list though, I’m a fellow “hacker” myself, just forgot to post this week! :0


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