Festival of Frugality #118: ABC Edition

Posted by Madison on March 25, 2008

Welcome to the Festival of Frugality #118. We’re busy focusing on learning how to spell at our house right now… so what better way to celebrate the festival than with a focus on letters? There are 57 great frugal articles in the ABC edition of the festival.

Letter F

Photography by: greefus groink

Editor’s Picks

No Credit Needed presents Beware Of The Laundry Detergent Cap posted at No Credit Needed. He found the recommended amounts for detergent are not what the lines look like on the cap!

Squawkfox presents Top Five Frugalicious Snacks (A Visual Guide) posted at squawkfox. These are great ideas for healthy frugal snacking. My favorite is the apples and peanut butter!

Aryn presents 13 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Spring Fever posted at Sound Money Matters, saying, “In honor of spring, I have 13 frugal ways to celebrate the season – one for each week.” It’s a great list of ideas to get outside and enjoy springtime without spending a fortune.

Jason presents Prepare Your Home for Summer Energy Savings posted at The Frugal Dad. Change the direction of your ceiling fan and other helpful tips will get you started on energy savings for the summer.

Terry presents Where to Find the Cheapest Travel Deals posted at Savvy Frugality. Included are some interesting ideas, like being a courier.

C Duran presents Budget Organic – How to Spend Less for Organic Foods posted at Jinxy Knows Best, saying, “Eating organic is great for your health and for the environment, but it’s not always so great for your wallet. But, with these tips, you can eat organic foods without breaking the bank.” We’ve been considering joining a CSA, so this was a good reminder for me to do some research.


Letter R

Photography by: christopher.woo

Yan presents 14 Easy Ways to get the best Shopping Deals posted at buxr.com.

Alex presents Car Buying Tips posted at Home Life Weekly.

R.Pettinger presents 10 Simple Ways to Save Money at Work posted at Mortgage Blog.

vh presents Real Wealth posted at Funny about Money.

Amy presents Five Find for Friday – Free Things to Do in Atlanta posted at The Q Family Adventure.

Thursday Bram presents Cutting the Grocery Bill: Reducing the Cost of a Good Spice Rack posted at Wise Bread.

Steve presents How to Save Money on Air Tickets posted at DebtBlog.

Kris presents Free Cooking Lessons Part II: A Beginner’s Guide to TV Chefs posted at Cheap Healthy Good.

Bryce presents Farmer’s Market posted at Save and Conquer, saying, “You can save money at a local farmer’s market and get healthy and scrumptious food as well. It doesn’t hurt to haggle, as well.”

Letter U

Photography by: TooFarNorth

Rio Rivas presents The importance of keeping investment expenses to a minimum posted at Get Financially Fit! saying, “Using average mutual funds may cost you a quarter of your nest egg”

Finance Girl presents When I’m Debt-Free, I’m Buying the Expensive Toilet Paper! posted at Finance Gets Personal.

Ron presents 5 Ways I Plan To Survive The Recession posted at The Wisdom Journal.

Lightening presents Reducing the Grocery Budget – Buy Generic posted at Lightening Online.

Penny Nickel presents Delicious homemade ice cream means more for my money posted at Money and Values.

Raymond presents The Difference Between Legal Tax Avoidance and Illegal Tax Evasion posted at Money Blue Book.

FMF presents Wisdom from Readers: Saving Money and Performance of Index Funds posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “Save money by getting AAA discounts.”

Chief Family Officer presents Drugstore vs. Department Store Makeup posted at Chief Family Officer.

Shana presents Smart Easy Money: Budgeting is Only for Lean Times?? posted at Smart Easy Money.

Pinyo presents A Dollar Saved Is Better Than A Dollar Earned posted at Moolanomy.

Letter G

Photography by: greefus groink

Paid Twice presents My Frugal Travel Tip ~ Pack Your Own Snacks posted at I’ve Paid For This Twice Already…

Kyle James presents Fun and Frugal Spring Family Activities posted at Rather-Be-Shopping.

Steward presents Save to Buy … If You Buy At All posted at My Family’s Money.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Serious Savers Who Died Very Wealthy posted at The Digerati Life.

GBlogger presents How The Word “Free” Makes Us Lose Our Minds posted at Can I get Rich on a Salary.

David presents 10 Tips for Finding a Shared Living Space posted at Money Under 30.

Dollar Frugal presents New Work Clothes posted at Dollar Frugal.

Jacob presents The value of hobbies posted at Early Retirement Extreme, saying, “Do you pay for your hobbies, do you enjoy them for free, or do you even get paid to have fun?”

Stephanie presents Beat Rising Food Prices – Grow Your Own posted at Unclaimed Money.

RC presents Your Health and Money- Save Money by Living Healthier posted at Think Your Way to Wealth.

Letter A

Photography by: cheesy42

Mmhabits presents Wealth and Weight Loss posted at Millionaire Money Habits.

David presents Beauty in Simplicity: Steps for Decluttering Your Life posted at Slow Down Fast Today!

Single Guy Money presents Avoid those Bank Fees posted at Single Guy Money.

Deborah presents The American Frugal Housewife posted at Pennies To Nickels.

Nickel presents Save Money by Fixing Things Yourself posted at Five Cent Nickel.

Lazy Man and Money presents Feeling Poor: Here Are The Two Largest Reasons Why posted at Lazy Man and Money.

Ryan presents Hunting for Discounts: Mail Order vs. Local posted at Uncommon Cents.

Wenchypoo presents Inflation—Here We Go Again posted at Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket.

Poetloverrebelspy presents Why I Love/Hate RyanAir posted at Less Than a Shoestring.

Letter L

Photography by: Mr. Mystery

Sarah presents When persnicketiness and frugality meet posted at 20saver.

Be This Way presents I’ve Finally Found the Line posted at Are You Going To Be This Way The Rest of The Time I Know You?.

KCLau presents Financial Security: How you feel it? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips.

Lisa presents Free Time or More Money-Which is it? posted at Greener Pastures: Personal Finance, saying, “When I was just out of college, all I wanted was money. Now, pushing fifty, all I want is time.”

Grace presents Free is Such a Lovely (and Dangerous) Word posted at GRACEful Retirement.

Dorian presents The Personal Financier: How to Make Sure this is your Dream Home: 7 Practical Tips posted at Personal Financier.

The Happy Rock presents Easter Spending Without A Plan posted at The Happy Rock.

Frugal Duchess presents Ask for Camp Scholarships! Money is Out There posted at The Frugal Duchess.

Frank presents Buy an S&P 500 Index Fund with Low Costs posted at No Load Index Fund.

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