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Posted by Madison on November 16, 2007

Right, I know, people don’t snail mail stuff anymore. If you are like my house though, we do send a bunch of holiday cards to friends and family. Postage on those can add up quickly.

Last time I checked the post office didn’t offer any Black Friday sales or holiday discounts. Here’s the various methods of buying stamps to save some money and the discounts available:

  • At the grocery store or drugstore using a 5% cashback credit card.
  • On eBay, where the discounts average about 5.5% plus 1% cashback from Fatwallet.
  • Buying drugstore gift cards on eBay or craigslist averaging 11% off, then using those to purchase the stamps.
  • Direct from discount sellers, who obtain them in bulk from collectors saving 3% for current stamps and up to 16% for vintage stamps.

Two years ago, we did a mailing with vintage stamps. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of comments about our unusual stamps. Because they are old, you often need 2 or 3 stamps to add up to the current stamp price.

In addition, keep your eyes peeled for unusual places that sell stamps. I have a nearby convenience store that recently offered giftcards at half-price. They sell stamps, so I’ll be getting a 50% discount on my stamps this year!

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Comments to Discount Postage Stamps

  1. Costco also sells rolls of 100 for a discount.


  2. Actually, is a pretty good way to get postage cheap. They do offer a lot of free postage for signing up, and you get a free 4-week trial.

    Postage Meter

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