Carnival of Personal Finance #139: Valentine Edition

Posted by Madison on February 11, 2008

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to get out the scissors and red construction paper and make some hearts for those special people in your lives.

From celebrating frugally to funding your Roth IRA, you’re sure to find an article you love. We have 95 great articles in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. Next stop for the carnival: The Financial Blogger.


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Here’s the one’s that stole my heart (editor picks):

David at My Two Dollars presents 5 Frugal Ways To Make Your Valentine Swoon. I especially like the idea of cooking from scratch!

If none of those ideas jumped out, you are sure to find a frugal idea in Trent’s huge list of 100 Great Tips For Saving Money For Those Just Getting Started at The Simple Dollar. You’ll notice number 5 to make your own gifts would be a great money saver for a Valentine’s Day present.

Free From Broke comes clean to let us know that the 2008 goal is not going as well as planned in Roth IRA Goals Update. Thanks for being honest… hopefully you can divert a little money you might have been planning to spend on Valentine’s Day by using the tips above and invest it in your Roth IRA instead.

In case you wanted to spend “a little” more on your Valentine and were inclined to buy a 1000 acres in Napa with a mansion for $35 million, it’s too late, someone from France beat you to it. Find out why foreigners are hot on buying in America at The Digerati Life in We’re On Sale: Time To Buy America!

Feeling a little pinched to be spending any money on a “Hallmark Holiday?” Depending on where you are from and the cost of living in your area you may find Struggling on a Six-Figure Income in line or out of this world. Make sure to read the big discussion at Free Money Finance.

Thinking of getting a piggy bank for your Valentine? From “papier-mache piggy banks” to “Titanium-reinforced Kevlar® piggy banks inside a force field” Mighty Bargain Hunter helps you determine how strong you need your piggy bank to be to help you meet your goals in How strong is your piggy bank?

Finally, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. Lynnae’s tip to make sure your wife knows how much she means to you in 7 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Money is a perfect reminder for the upcoming holiday at Being Frugal.

Special Mention

Here’s some more articles that stood out. I figured they deserved a little heart.

Ryan from Millionaire Money Habits presents 8 Habits of Millionaires. As a huge fan of planning my favorite is number 2: Have a plan and work the plan.

Chief Family Officer was trying to switch to all cash but it ended after only two days. Find out why in The All Cash Spending Experiment is over (yes, already). The good news is that they did learn something as they found they don’t have to use cash just to save money.

Quest For Four Pillars decided it would be good to convince a friend Why ETFs Are Better Than Mutual Funds during a dinner-time conversation. See if the friend took his advice…

If you aren’t sure if ETFs are right for you, check out the review from Richard Ferri on whether an investor should buy ETFs or mutual funds at The Dough Roller. It includes a very informative rundown of the costs considered.

Still looking for some more free ideas to celebrate with your Valentine? Cindy from Oh My Aching Debts has a great list of Frugal Valentines. My favorite is the breakfast in bed.

Here’s another idea for a completely free Valentine’s Day. Do what Ashley from College of Cash is doing and watch a movie and snuggle in I Don’t “Do” Valentine’s Day.

Jeremy from Generation X Finance put together 15 Ways to Establish and Improve Your Credit History and FICO Score. It takes time to fix, but Jeremy has some great tips including working with your local lenders.

A message

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Money Management



under my umbrella

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Real Estate

  • Lily from The Honest Dollar discusses Mortgage Rates Up – Refinancing Up in the Air?, and says, “Why my boyfriend and I aren’t refinancing our apartment.”
  • Dan Melson from Searchlight Crusade presents Differences Between Loans Look Smaller Than They Are.





l o n e

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  • Amanda Milne from Value For Your Life presents How to Survive Losing a Job.
  • Matt from One Million and Beyond lost his job recently. Here’s his Next Steps. Good luck Matt!
  • Dog Ate My Finances presents Breaking Free From 9-5, and says, “Small business is scary when you’re just starting.”
  • Tim from Canadian Dream: Free at 45 presents The New Mercenary, and says, “We are not out for big salaries, but rather the best benefit package.”


  • David from Money Under 30 asks if Americans will live within our means in A Country Without Credit?
  • Aaron Stroud from On Financial Success presents It’s hard to be optimistic when you forget the past.
  • Richard Epley from Blue Jeans Millionaire presents Bear Market?



  • Dawn from iowahippiechick explains the finances of owning dogs in Meet Buddy & Fugee.
  • Brooke from Dollar Frugal presents Why We Don’t Need Trucks.
  • Feminist Finance explains Books And Their Covers, and says, “You frequently can’t tell who’s on track financially just by looking at them.”
  • Debtbeater relates values to personal finance in Values.

Finally, one special Valentine goes out to My Wealth Builder. Super Saver, 40-something, retired in October. Here’s a rundown of how they are doing: Retired Life – A Four Month Report Card.  

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