Best of Money Carnival

Posted by Madison on June 7, 2010

Welcome to the Best of Money Carnival! The carnival highlights the top 10 personal finance articles of the week, selected by our editorial assistant, Kate.

The Best of Money

The best article of the week is Free consumer reports – Credit , Banking, Insurance, Employment & More from Suba at Wealth Informatics. Find out everything that the data collection companies know about you. The list goes beyond just the typical credit reports that we usually hear about and includes driving history, employment history, insurance claims, medical bureaus, rent history, and banking history.

The Rest of Money

Here’s the other nine articles that made the top ten this week:

  1. Wealth Pilgrim presents Should You Be Selling Your Mutual Funds Now? posted at Wealth Pilgrim.
  2. Praveen presents New FHA Requirements for Condo Associations posted at Talking About Real Estate.
  3. MoneyNing presents How to Downsize Your Lifestyle posted at Money Ning.
  4. J. Money presents Don’t Devalue Yourself posted at Budgets Are Sexy.
  5. The Happy Rock presents Into Debt And Out Again – Overcoming $40,000 Of Debt posted at The Happy Rock.
  6. PT presents Roth IRA CD: Tax-Advantaged Retirement Investing without the Risk posted at PT Money.
  7. Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Buying a Used Car – Learn From Others Mistakes posted at Canadian Finance Blog.
  8. Ace of Wealth presents 5 Tips to Battle Lifestyle Inflation posted at Ace of Wealth.
  9. Gal presents The Sunk Costs Idea posted at Equally Happy.

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