BeFrugal Cashback and $10+ Bonus

Posted by Madison on November 17, 2015

It’s time to launch our holiday cash back series! First up is BeFrugal since you can earn an easy $10 sign up bonus.

You can earn cash back at BeFrugal when you shop online. I’ve used Be Frugal to earn over $3,000 in cash back shopping online!

Using cashback sites when you shop online this holiday season to save you money is one of our 12 Holiday Shopping Bonuses to Cash in Right Now.

Just like last year, to sweeten the deal BeFrugal is adding a sign up bonus this holiday season! Anyone offering us free money immediately goes to the top of our priority list!

How to Get Your $10 BeFrugal Sign Up Bonus

  1. Sign up for a BeFrugal account this holiday season.
  2. Earn $25 in cash back (not including bonuses) within 90 days.
  3. Get a $10 bonus.

More Details on BeFrugal

Getting Paid. You can select whether you want to get a check, PayPal (with no fee) or an Amazon gift card at setup.

Amazon Bonus. New this year, you can elect to get your payment in the form of an Amazon gift card. If you choose this option, you’ll get an extra 3% reward to your first $500 in payments (and 2% after that) in a calendar year.

Cashing out. You can cash out your BeFrugal account once it reaches $20.

High Payouts. I use cash back monitor to search for the highest cashback before each purchase. Be Frugal has consistently been near or at the top this week for many of my purchases.

Faster Payouts. BeFrugal now tries to send payments within 10 business days after you request your payment. You’ll still have to wait for the pending cash back to be confirmed before requesting your payment.

Referrals. You can refer friends to BeFrugal and earn $10.

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